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"Resonant Action"

10XA - Alternator

2 channel Amplitude Modulator

By: Chris Bake

2 Channel BulletProof Driver

A dual channel, dual isolated power supply, pulse amplification for driving all VIC arrangements

304L Stainless Steel

3D Printable Photon Injected Resonant Cavity

8XA Inductor Measurments

Detailed measurements of gapped cores, and methodologies for measuring, the 8XA inductor.

8XA VIC Chokes

Adjustable Plate Cell

Amplitude Attenuation (Voltage Boosting)

Canadian Patents

Cell Conditioning

Cell Conditioning

Qualitative evidence of "conditioning" process that occurs with SS tubing.

Cell Construction

Chris Bake

Christophe Campain

Circuit Analysis/Measurements

Analysis of each circuit associated with VIC board from international patent and values provided via estate documentation. Indi...

Circuits Overview