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"Resonant Action"

10XA - Alternator

2 channel Amplitude Modulator

By: Chris Bake

2 Channel BulletProof Driver

A dual channel, dual isolated power supply, pulse amplification for driving all VIC arrangements

304L Stainless Steel

3D Printable Photon Injected Resonant Cavity

555 timer circuits - RadioShack 1994


8XA Inductor Measurments

Detailed measurements of gapped cores, and methodologies for measuring, the 8XA inductor.

8XA VIC Chokes

Adjustable Plate Cell

Amp Restriction & Voltage Attenuation

Stan's 9 and 10 step process for raising the voltage of the water molecule, while restricting amps to a minimum.

Amplitude Attenuation (Voltage Boosting)

Canadian Patents

Cell Conditioning

Cell Conditioning

Qualitative evidence of "conditioning" process that occurs with SS tubing.

Cell Construction

Chris Bake

Christophe Campain