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US Patents

SMeyer-US3970070-Solar_Heating_System SMeyer-US4265224-MultiStage_Solar_Storage_System SMeyer-US4275950-Light_Guide_Lens SMeyer-US4389981-Hydrogen_Gas_Injector_System_For_Internal_Combustion_Engine SMeyer-US4421474-Hydrogen_Gas_Burner SMeyer-US4465455-Sta...

WO9207861A1 - International Patent

International Patents

PDF Download: SMeyer-WO9207861A1-International_Patent.pdf This invention relates to electrical circuit systems useful in the operation of a water fuel cell including a water capacitor/resonant cavity for the production of a hydrogen containing fuel gas, such ...


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Linear Supplies

Power Supply Designs

Redox: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cell Conditioning Redox

Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search For other uses, see Redox (disambiguation). Sodium and fluorine bonding ionically to form sodium fluoride. Sodium loses...

What is passivation of stainless steel?

Cell Conditioning Passivation

Source:,with%20air%20and%20cause%20corrosion. What is passivation, and how does passivation work? How do I passivate stainless steel part...

The Legacy of Stanley A. Meyer


Stanley Meyer was an independent inventor from Grove City Ohio (Near Columbus Ohio). In the 1970's he was influenced by the negative impacts of the oil embargo to develop an alternative energy source for the country. Due to free abundancy, he set his sights on...

WO8912704A1 - Process And Apparatus For The Production Of Fuel Gas And The Enhanced Release Of Thermal Energy From Such Gas

International Patents

PDF Download: SMeyer-WO8912704A1-Process_&_Apparatus_for_The_Production_of_Fuel_Gas_&_Enhanced_Release_of_Thermal_Energy.pdf Abstract Water molecules are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gas atoms in a capacitive cell by a polarization and resonance proc...

Codes used to identify States

Interpreting Stan's Patents

50% Duty Cycle Double Frequency Generator

Max Miller's 9XA

PDF Download: 50% Duty Cycle Generator 50% Duty Cycle Divide X 10 Gated Frequency Signal Inverter 5 Volt Regulator Clock Pulse Generator

Full Patent List

European Patents

SMeyer-EP0086439A1-Hydrogen_Gas_Injection_System_for_Internal_Combustion_Engine SMeyer-EP0086439B1-Hydrogen_Gas_Injection_System_for_Internal_Combustion_Engine SMeyer-EP0098897A2-Electrical_Generator_Utilizing_Magnetized_Particles SMeyer-EP0098897A3-Electri...

PFN Comparison to the VIC5 bobbin

PFN - Pulse Forming Networks The Big Bobbin

Interpreting Voltage & Current Waveforms

Inductors & Phasing Inductor EMF Vs. Current Flow

Introduction To Inductor Phasing

Inductors & Phasing In & Out Of Phase Inductors

With the traditional way of representing a transformer, it’s pretty easy to figure out the dot convention meaning. In the case of inductors in series AND magnetically coupled, it is not always easy to figure out if theinductors are in phase or out of phase ...

The Dave Lawton 9XA

The Dave Lawton 9XA

Source: The Dave Lawton 9XA is a versatile pulse and gate generator with variable duty cycle on both 555 timers. One design note that exists here, is that Pin 3 Output of ...

Hydroxyl Filling Station

Stephen Meyer Patents

PDF Download: stephen meyer-US20050246059-MLS-Hydroxyl Filling Station.pdf US 20050246059A1 a2) Patent Application Publication co) Pub. No.: US 2005/0246059 Alas) United States Meyer (43) Pub. Date: Nov. 3, 2005(54) MLS-HYDROXYL FILLING STATION (MLS-HFS) ...

Other Documents

Other Documents

WFC Public Notice To Inform International-Independent-Test-Evaluation-Report Stanley Meyer - Electronics World Article Dr. Nieper's Letter to Stanley Meyer

WFC New Releases

WFC Newsletters

WFC News Release 1984 WFC News letters No 1 WFC News letters No 2 WFC News letters No 3 WFC News letters No 4 WFC News letters No 5 WFC News letters No 6 WFC News letters No 7 WFC News Letters No 8 WFC News letters No 9 WFC News Letters No 10 WFC Ne...

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Japanese Patents

SMeyer-JP58202352A SMeyer-JP58207610A SMeyer-JP59038525A SMeyer-JP59059889A SMeyer-JP59129791A SMeyer-JP59132784A SMeyer-JP59148584A SMeyer-JP59153922A

CA1234774A1 Hydrogen Generator System

Canadian Patents

PDF Download: SMeyer-CA1234774A1-Hydrogen_Generator_System.pdf Y e Consumer and Consommation ~ Corporate Affairs Canada et Corporations Canada(11) (a) wo. 1-234 774(45) ISSUED 880405(52) CLASS 204-78 C.R. CL. 204-1644 (51) INT. CL. C25B 1/04aa) cs) CANADIAN...