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The Legacy of Stanley A. Meyer

“Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, 
which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle?

JOB 38 22-23

Many basic problems have inhibited success in the continuation of this technology:
  • Stan's patents were hard to find. They existed mainly via machine interpreted automated scraping of the original PDF files, which as any who have tried to read them, know they are: ripe with errors, typos, misspellings and missing grammar.
  • Stan's patent format conventions are non-reader friendly. Black on white text, poor 1985 image resolutions, lack of navigation, lack of a search ability within the patent and lack of illustrations inline with their respective content.
  • Speculation and altered documentation has led to a huge amount of speculative theory and opinions about how the technology should work. This alone has led to extreme confusion in the minds of aspiring researchers trying to follow the nomenclature. Thousands of altered schematics and opinions pollute search engines and open source community forums with incorrect and modified versions of the original content provided by Stan.
  • Peer criticisms of real research and efforts by others who discount the technology, have greatly discouraged the potential successes of many great efforts.

In an effort to support independent research, and end this nonsense, we are now providing all of the patents & publications here: transcribed, spell checked, grammar checked, original PDF compared, keyword emphasized, terminology demystified, searchable within each document, and best of all: a search ability across all documents!

In addition to this content, our research group behind it has decided the time has come reveal the progress and research our team has achieved.

Stan's Legacy - Research Group - Official Discord Community - For Builders and Thinkers! Join Now!

(Note: This project is a constant work in progress, and portions of patents and publications have not yet been fully transcribed.)

 Stan Meyer Patents - Transcribed & Illustrated - Click Here
 Stan Meyer Publications - Transcribed & Illustrated - Click Here

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Research Members

Chris Bake

Paul Butcher

Ethan Crowder

Simon Beausoleil

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