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The Legacy of Stanley A. Meyer

Stanley Meyer was an independent inventor from Grove City Ohio (Near Columbus Ohio). In the 1970's he was influenced by the negative impacts of the oil embargo to develop an alternative energy source for the country. Due to free abundancy, he set his sights on the utilization of water. Unlike the accepted method of electrolysis, Stan's technology utilized resonance condition, through high voltage - low current, to separate the water molecule into it's component gases (Hydrogen/Oxygen). He had many other inventions that were revolutionary. These included:

The Electrical Particle Generator (EPG) - Low / non-existing Back EMF electrical production.

Steam Resonator - A low wattage way to make steam/hot water on demand.

Electron Extraction - Ability to make new molecular compounds (including ability to breakdown chemical formations).

Atomic Degaussing Process - Ability to neutralize nuclear radiation from spent fuel rods.

Gas Processing - Ability to produce greater energy yields by ionizing ambient air and combustible gas atoms.

Gas Management System - Computerized approach to utilizing water based fuels. 

Our private group is researching, reverse engineering/analyzing, Stan's technology to provide understanding and modernization. We work with an open source mindset, coupled with mindsets for avenues of decentralized manufacturing/production in the future. Please support our efforts by spreading the link of this site on social media or by word of mouth. Please visit the site regularly for continued updates.

“Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, 
which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle?

JOB 38 22-23

Overcoming Historical Challenges to Advance Technology

  1. Accessibility of Stan's Patents: Previously, accessing Stan's patents was a challenge. They were primarily available through automated scraping of the original PDFs, which were riddled with errors, typos, and missing grammar. This made them difficult to understand and use.

  2. User-Unfriendly Patent Format: The format of Stan's patents were not conducive to easy reading. Issues included black on white text, poor image resolutions from 1985, lack of intuitive navigation, absence of in-document search functionality, and illustrations not being aligned with related content.

  3. Misinformation and Speculation: The field has been muddied with speculative theories and altered documents, leading to a proliferation of incorrect and modified versions of Stan's original content. This has created significant confusion among researchers trying to understand the technology.

  4. Peer Criticism: Genuine research efforts have often been overshadowed by criticism from peers who are skeptical of the technology, hampering the progress of many promising projects.

To address these issues and foster independent research, we are excited to offer a comprehensive resource hub. This includes all of Stan's patents and publications, meticulously transcribed, spell-checked, and grammar-checked. We have ensured original PDF accuracy, incorporated keyword emphasis, and demystified terminology. Each document is now searchable, and we've introduced a feature for cross-document searches.

Moreover, our dedicated research team is ready to share the significant progress and findings we have made in this field. Join us in this journey to unravel the potential of this technology."

Stan's Legacy - Research Group - Official Discord Community - For Builders and Thinkers! Contact Us if you are interested in joining to learn all about Stan. Engagement, Participation, Intention to learn and resources to build are required.

(Note: This project is a constant work in progress, and portions of patents and publications have not yet been fully transcribed.)

 Stan Meyer Patents - Transcribed & Illustrated - Click Here
 Stan Meyer Publications - Transcribed & Illustrated - Click Here

Getting Started With Stan:

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Phase 4

Research Members

Chris Bake

Ethan Crowder

Slade Outlaw
Simon Beausoleil

Paul Butcher
Roland Stich

WFC Dealership Sales Manual

WFC Memos

Stan's actual Oscilloscope. Special thanks to Max Miller - Project Icarus for it tracking down and giving it to me.