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8-7 - Application of Usage

By simply intermixing/interchanging any applied Electrical Voltage Pulse-State with any Gas Pressure State as herein described above can result in a predetermined hydrogen Gas Flame-Front that can be utilized for a particular application of usage.

For example, Taper Resonant Cavity (590) of Figure (6-2) as to (820B) of Figure (8-6) is ideally suited for internal combustion I. C. engines as well as Rocket Engines where high thrust-yield of explosive power (gtnt) (582B) is required;

(590) of Figure (6-2)image-1702321431762.png

(820B) of Figure (8-6)


whereas, Expanding Resonant Cavity (730C) of Figure (7-12) as to (820C) of Figure (8-6) is best suited for Furnace Applications. Linear Resonant Cavity (730A) of Figure (7-12) as to Figure (820A) is for Cutting-Torch applications (582) ... to mention a few.

(730C) of Figure (7-12)


(820C) of Figure (8-6)


(730A) of Figure (7-12)image-1702322057919.png

Figure (820A) of Figure (8-6)


In each and all Flame-Front (582 A,B,C) Resonant Pulse Waves are produced to net higher energy-yield beyond normal gas burning levels. Laser Energy (588) being injected into Resonant Pulse Waves (16) by way of Laser Inject Tube-Port (589) helps maintain Plasma-temperatures at extremely elevated temperatures over the prior art.