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Mode of Operability

image-1702698335874.45.33.pngThe established "mode-of-operability" of VIC Coil Assembly (580) of Figure (6-1), now, allows Voltage Potential (Vn) of opposite voltage polarity (66/SS' - 67/RR') to increase and be attenuated up to and beyond 20 Kilovolts while inhibiting and restricting amp leakage in the milliamperes range

.... establishing operational parameter of utilizing Opposite Electrical Attraction Force (SS' - RR') of high voltage intensity (Vn) to instantly release thermal explosive energy (gtnt) from natural water.

Voltage Compressional Wave-form (35b) and Expanding Voltage Waveform (35c) increases the intensity of applied pulsating opposite electrical attraction force (55'-RR'a xxx SS'-RR'n) even further during each new pulse-cycle (T2 next T2) across water gap (616)

... increasing Thermal Explosive Energy-yield (gtnt) to higher energy-levels (gtnta xxx gtntn) beyond applied excitation voltage (Vn) by simply altering Voltage Surfaces (35b/35c) as in reference to Linear Voltage Surfaces (35a), as illustrated in (730) of Figure (7-12).

Pulse Off-time (T2) of Figure (7-8) as to (620) of Figure (7-1) is adjusted to compensate for the rise and fall of magnetic coupling field (71) to produce applied Unipolar Wave-forms (64a xxx 64n) entering into Wave-guides (35a/35b/35c).


Less water contaminants nets even higher energy-yield (gtnta xxx 85a - 85h xxx gtntn), as illustrated in Water Chart (760) of Figure (7-15).

In terms of thermal explosive energy-yield (gtnt) under dynamic pressure of compression approximately 7.4 (μl) microliter of a liquid-volume of a water droplet per injection cycle is all that is required to run the Dune Buggy 1600cc 50hp VW I.C. engine at 65 m.p.h. on the open road;

whereas, a typical 325 hp diesel I.C. truck-engine would require about 48.1 (μl) microliters of a water droplet per injection cycle to accomplish the same open road performance.

(see WFC Water vs Gasoline Energy Content Equations (memo WFC 429).

WFC 429 - Optical Thermal Lens