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Flame Temperature Adjustment

By capturing and recycling the expelled non-combustible gas (D) (derived from and supplied by the water bath) back into the sustained hydrogen gas-flame or Fuel-Cell causes the gas-flame temperature to be "changed" or "altered" by way of the Gas Retarding Process, as illustrated in Figure (2-4) as to Figure (2-3).

Gas Retarding Process, as illustrated in Figure (2-4)


Figure (2-3)


The recycling gases (D) controlled by an Gas Flow Regulator allows the gas flame-temperature to be "adjusted" or "calibrated" to any gas burning level (S), as so illustrated in Figure (2-2).


The "newly" formed and established gas flame-temperature remains constant regardless of the gas flow-rate of the Fuel-Cell.

Continual feedback of non-combustible gases (D) is, hereinafter, called "The Gas Combustion Stabilization Process".

Automatically, the Gas Combustion Stabilization Process changes the "Burn-Rate" of the Fuel Cell gases (B/D) when obtaining the desired gas-flame temperature.