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WFC Development Objectives

The primary Purpose/objective of Water Fuel Injection System (590) of Figure (6-2) as to "FullSystem" development (10) of Figure (4-1) is, in the realm of scientific quest, to help reverse the damage being done to "Earth Ecological Life Support System" by first of all encouraging the use of "Water" as a new "Fuel" source

Water Fuel Injection System (590) of Figure (6-2)


"FullSystem" development (10) of Figure (4-1)



...since the by-product of releasing thermal explosive energy (gtnt) from water is simply 'Water Mist" which is "Energy Recyclable" by absorbing "Solar-Energy" from the incoming sun rays, as so illustrated in Energy Recycling Spectrum (530) of Figure (5-6)

... automatically limiting the use of fossil-fuel burning

... stopping the extraction of Oxygen 02 molecule from the air since "Water" supplies its own oxygen molecule to support the hydrogen combustion process.

Secondly, re-energizing the energy level of the air by the use of WFC Gas Processor (80) of Figure (1-17) by tapping into "Universal" energy by way of particle oscillation as a energy generator, as so illustrated in Energy Pumping Action (520) of Figure (5-3) as to Energy Aperture (570) of Figure (5-10).

WFC Gas Processor (80) of Figure (1-17)


Energy Pumping Action (520) of Figure (5-3)


Energy Aperture (570) of Figure (5-10)


And lastly, make use of WFC Exhaust Air Reclaiming technology (900) of Figure (9-1) to unlock and do away with the airborne chemical-oxides derived from fossil-fuel burning when ambient air passes through the Internal combustion (IC) engine running on water


... thereby re-purifying our air for healthy living while maintaining the Industrial economy of the World.

Remember, Water, of course, is free, abundant, and energy recyclable.