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Reclaiming Our Air ... For Healthy Living

The prime objective of the Water Fuel Injection Technology of Invention (s) is to help reverse the damage being done to "Earth Ecological Life Support System" by first of all encouraging the use of "Water" as a new "Fuel" source since the by-product of releasing thermal explosive energy (gtnt) from water is simply "Water Mist" which is energy recyclable by absorbing solar-energy from the incoming sun rays

... automatically limiting the use of fossil-fuel burning

•.. stopping the extraction of Oxygen 02 molecules from the air since 'Water' supplies it own oxygen molecule to support the hydrogen combustion process.

Secondly, re-energizing the energy-level of the air by the use of WFC Gas Processor by tapping into "Universal" energy by way of particle oscillation as a energy generator.

And lastly ~ make use of WFC Exhaust Air Reclaiming technology to unlock and do away with airborne chemical-oxides derived from fossil-fuel burning when ambient air passes through the internal combustion (IC) engine running on water

... thereby re-purifying our air for healthy living while maintaining the Industrial economy of the World.

Remember, water, of course, is free, abundant, and energy recyclable.

WFC Exhaust Air Reclaimer technology utilizes the WFC Electrical Polarization Process to reverse the degradation effect of burning fossil-fuel

...liberating chemical-oxides oxygen 02 molecules once again for reuse under "Earth Ecological Life Support System"

... collecting atoms under static charged for industrial reuse

... resulting in revitalized "Clean" air once again to sustain all life- forms on Earth.

WFC Exhaust Air Reclaimer functions in the following way:

In almost all cases of scientific accomplishments, spin-off technology occurs. The Water Fuel Cell technology of Inventions is no exception to this rule.

For every cause there is a reason and for every reason there is an answer and for every answer there is progress.

Without scientific progress, we can not hope to cope with, nor solve, the needs of the World.

The answers given below are for this purpose and this purpose only.