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A Technique Called "Easer"

Energy Priming Stage (500) of Figure (5-1) is, now, activated and performed when the hydrogen atom (s) is exposed to applied Voltage-Sync Gate Pulse (Vgp) by which Electrical Voltage Attraction Forces (Electrical Stress) (RU-RU' - ST-ST') causes "Particle Oscillation" of the hydrogen atom (s) to emit radiant energy (Ers) (919), as so illustrated in (980) of Figure (10-2) as to (500) of Figure (5-1).

(980) of Figure (10-2)


(500) of Figure (5-1)


The applied unipolar Positive Voltage Pulse (B+) (ST -ST') electrically attracts the negative charged atom electron;

while, simultaneously, applied unipolar Negative Voltage Pulse (B-) (RU-RU') electrically attracts the positive charged Proton, (3) that forms the nucleus of the hydrogen atom

... causing the hydrogen atom to elongate under Atomic Electrical Stress (Aes)(AA'-ZZ')

... whereby, atomic electrica1 attraction force (4) that exists between the deflected orbital negative charged electron -(1) and the pivotal positive charged Proton (3) is attenuated (4a xxx 4n-5axxx. 5n)

... which, in turns, attenuates the spin-velocity of the "Gyroscopic Regulator" of the hydrogen nucleus to cause Energy Aperture (7) to emit/transmit more or greater amount of Universal Energy (9) into, through, and beyond the energy spectrum of the hydrogen atom for "Energy Propagation" (atoms being an "Energy Generator" in our physical universe) by way of "Particle Oscillation" of the hydrogen atom (or any other atom), as so illustrated in (570) of Figure (5-10) as to (550) of Figure (5-8).

(570) of Figure (5-10)


(550) of Figure (5-8)


Voltage Peak Potential [peaking-out electrical stress (xxx Aes) since opposite voltage potential creates/determines electrical field-strength/establishes electrical attraction forces between electrical charged particles in space relationship in an electronic circuit]

(Vpp) not only determines on how far the deflected orbital electron will move away from the pivotal proton during "active state" but, also, is directly related to Flex-Density (Fd) of the hydrogen atom

... Flex-Density (Fd) being the measure of energy-intensity (Wavelets of energy) emitted/released from the oscillatory hydrogen atom (undergoing particle oscillation) in proportional relationship to the field strength/intensity of the external electrical stress-force (Est) superimposed onto the electrical field strength (AA' -ZZ') of Figure (5-3) of the hydrogen atom in "Quiescent State-Space" (Qss)

electrical field strength (AA' -ZZ') of Figure (5-3)


... which, in turns, causes Energy Aperture (7) of the hydrogen atom to elongate (enlarges) to emit a discrete amount of Universal Energy (Ue) (9) into the energy spectrum of the hydrogen atom during each and every applied Voltage-Sync Pulsing Cycle (Vgpa xxx Vgpn).

Going from "Quiescent State-Space" (Qss) to "Active State-Space" (Ass) and returning to "Quiescent State-Space"(Qss) once again for repetitive "State Change" beyond the "State Condition" of Equilibrium (Esse) in a given/predetermined unit of time (d time) is, herein, called "Voltage Tickling of State Space."

The greater the electrical stress force (xxxEsfn) per (-) Voltage Gate-Pulse (Esf- V gpa xxx Esf- V gpn) applied, the greater amount of Flex-Density (xxx Fdn) of electromagnetic radiant energy (917 a xxx 917) of Figure (10-2) per cm3 occurs.

image-1702939728729.pngOnce the hydrogen atom "absorbs" a sufficient amount of Universal Energy (Ue)(9a-9b-9c- 9n) within the atom energy spectrum, the deflected electron (15) that have ~ to a higher energy state (activated state) (K to L orbit or beyond) suddenly jumps back to its original lower energy state (quiescent state) (back to K orbit) when Input Pulse Frequency (49) terminates Voltage-Sync Pulse (Vsp) during applied pulse off-time (T2) of Figure (7-8)

... causing spontaneous emission of coherent energy (919) of Figure (10-2) to be emitted from partially transparent end plate (916) as long as positive pulse "on-time" (Tl) of Figure (7-8) continues.


The Radiant-Intensity (Rei) of the coherent wave-energy (919) being released from the quartz tube (918) is, further, enhanced when emitted energy-wavelets (Ers) given off by the activated hydrogen atom are allowed to oscillate (back and forth movement) at an ever increasing "difference of potential" between the end plates (915/916).

Together but in separate variable forms, Applied Voltage Peak Potential (Vpp),Voltage Pulse Cycling (49a xxx 49n), and Opposite Voltage Potential (Vgpa xxx Vgp) forming Voltage Sync-Pulse (49-Vpp-Vgpa xxx 49-Vpp-Vgpn) determines the energy-intensity (Eie) of the coherent-beam (919).

Focusing lens (921) is simply used to redirect the Radiant-Energy (917) to a heat diffuser (923) capable of converting Radiant-Energy (917) to heat energy for industrial usage.

The stimulated spontaneously emission of electromagnetic radiation from the hydrogen atom (or other atoms) by way of "Electrical Stress" is, hereinafter, called "Easer."