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Multi-layer Coil

Inductance of a multi-layer coil of rectangular cross section can be computed by below formula when optimizing maximum distributed capacitance (Cda xxx Coo) and distributed inductance (Dla xxx Dln) of Figure (7-3) to intensify Inductance Field Strength (FLa xxx FLn) to function as a voltage multiplier in switch-off conditions (612a xxx 612n), as illustrated in (710) of ~ . Figure (7-10) as to VIC Coil Assembly (580) of Figure (6-1) and, is expressed:

Figure (7-3)


(710) of Figure (7-10)


(580) of Figure (6-1)




(L) is the inductance in microhenries,

(N) is the number of turns,

(A) is the mean radius in inches,

(B) is the length of the coil in inches,

(C) is the depth of the coil in inches.