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Using Water as Fuel

The Atomic Energy Balance of Water is activated and performed in a sequence of events in an instant of time. The Hydrogen Fracturing Process simply triggers and releases atomic energy from natural water by retarding and slowing down the reformation of the water molecule being subjected to sub-critical state during thermal gas ignition.

The Voltage Intensifier Circuit brings on the Electrical Polarization Process that switches off the covalent bond of the water molecule without amp influxing. Energy Pumping Action undergoing "Resonant Propagation" of opposite electrical stress oscillates the "Energy Aperture" of the combustible gas atoms to increase the atomic energy level of the combustible gas atoms prior to gas ignition.

The Electron Extraction Process ionizes the highly energized combustible gases to decrease atomic mass while applied Voltage Pulse-Frequency of opposite electrical polarity initiates the triggering process once maximum voltage deflection is achieved ... releasing thermal Explosive Energy (gtnt) beyond normal gas burning levels.

The energy contained in a gallon of water exceeds 2.5 million barrels of oil when equated in terms of atomic energy. Water, of course, is free, abundant, and energy recyclable.