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Aviation Application

Likewise, WFC Hydrogen Gas Management System is ideally suited as a retrofit energy system to both reciprocating and jet engines associated with the aviation industry ... but in different ways:

reciprocating WFC Fuel-kits can be similar to Car design (340);

whereas, Water Fuel Injector kits (10) of figure (4-1) can alternately be used as a self-contained Fuel-unit having no pre-pressurized vessel which converts water directly in thermal explosive energy (gtnt) on demand, as illustrated in WFC memo 423 DA.

image-1703046505270.pngIn terms of mechanical interfacing: Water Fuel Injector Assembly (10) of Figure (4-1) can replace standard fuel-injector ports of existing jet engines as shown in (150) of Figure (4-13); or be utilized in Furnace Nozzle Assembly (140) of Figure (4-12) for grain dryers or conventional\heating systems; image-1703206227486.png


or be used to produce\rocket-thrust, as illustrated in (160) of Figure (4-14);

or be used as a spark plug injector nozzle (130) of Figure (4-11) for both gasoline and diesel engines

Figure (4-11)


Figure (4-14)


image-1703206095624.png mention a few.