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Electrical Crossover Switching Circuit

To reduce the number of Voltage Intensifier VIC-Circuit to the use of only one VIC Coil Assembly (1003) while encouraging the utilization of using a Voltage Repelling Force (W - W') and/or (TT'), Electrical Crossover Circuit (1060) of Figure (11-7) is, now, electrically placed between VIC Coil Assembly (1003) and both Differential Voltage Wave-Guilds (1030A / 1030B), as so illustrated in (1050) of Figure (11-7).


The Electrical Crossover Switching Circuit (1060) singularly places either a Positive Voltage Potential (1014) across both Voltage Zones (E18/E14) and/or a Negative Voltage Potential across Voltage Zones (E17/E16) or vise versa.

In doing so, Electrical Repelling Forces (T-T') and (W-W'), now, exerts a "Pushing Effect" onto the already deflecting water molecules (1017/1018) since like electrical forces repel or push away from one another in a strictly physical manner.

In terms of operational parameters, Electrical Attraction Force (S-S' / R-R') and Repelling Forces (T-T' / W-W') can be applied simultaneously or applied in a time sequence of events as Electrical Crossover Switch Circuit (1060) reverses the voltage polarity from one Differential Voltage Wave-Guild (1040B) to another and completely separate Differential Voltage Wave-Guild (1040A) of similar or like configuration

Differential Voltage Wave-Guild (1040A)


Differential Voltage Wave-Guild (1040B)


image-1702703181359.06.17.png... performing Voltage Switchover Logic Functions (B+/B+ / 1030B - B-/B- / 1030A Switchover B-/B- / 1030B - B+/B+ / 1030A) of Figure (11-7) during each and every sequential voltage pulsing cycle (T4A - T4B - T4A - T4B and so on).

When (B+/B+ - B-/B- / 1030B) switch function is activated, switch terminals (T1/T2 - T3/T4) are closed.

Switch position (T1/T4 - T3/T2) reverses voltage polarity once switch function (T1/T2 - T3/T4) goes to close position after Switch Logic Function (1013) becomes an open circuit

... and then vice versa and so on in an repetitive format

... causing "Particle Oscillation" as a "Energy Generator" by way of "Physical Stress" undergoing pulsating "Electrical Stress" whenever pulse switching cycles (1060) is electrically activated by incoming trigger pulse frequency (1019/T4a xxx 1019/T4n), as so illustrated in (1050) of Figure (11-7).


Oscillating the bipolar water molecule by way of opposite voltage fields without amp influxing to heat water on demand, hereby, defines the "Mode of Operability" of the WFC Steam Resonator.