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Quenching Circuit

Spark-Ignition of the Fuel-Cell gases (B/D) is prevented when the "Gas Retarding Process" is used in conjunction with a "Quenching Circuit", as illustrated in Figure (2-3), (2-4), (2-5) and (2-6).

image-1702961652974.54.10.png image-1702961662717.54.20.png
image-1702961669650.54.27.png image-1702961676853.54.34.png

The non-combustible gases (D) separates and prevents the hydrogen atoms to unite with oxygen atoms to "bring-on" or "initiate" Gas-Ignition.

The narrow passageway (at least 1/8 inch long and having a .015 diameter) prevents the moving gas atoms from "Re-Grouping".

The alignment of the Fuel-Cell gases (BID) inside the tubular-passageway is, hereinafter, called "The Quenching Circuit".

The Quenching Circuit "Anti-Spark technique" is "independent" of both Gas-Velocity and Gas-Pressure.