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Energy Recycling Spectrum

Once expelled into Earth Atmosphere (541), the energy spent (partly de-energized water molecule atoms) water mist (531) is re-exposed to Sun Energy (534) to allow and cause Photon Energy Absorption Process (532) of Figure (5-7) that, now, re-vitalizes and returns de-energized Water Molecule Atoms (531a xxx 531n) to Stable Energy State (538) when spent water mist (531) undergo Water Evaporation Process (531) to form Moisture Cloud Formations (533) which, when and after formed, are continually exposed to incoming Sun Rays (539a xxx 539n) until Rain Droplets (535) return newly re-energized water molecules (538a xxx 538n) to Earth Water Supply (536) ... completing Open Ended Energy Recycling Spectrum (530) for Energy Re-use, as further illustrated in (530) of Figure (5-6).

Figure (5-6)


Figure (5-7)


Photon Energy Absorption Process (531) of Figure (5-7) , of course, can occur in an instant of time.