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Optical Thermal Lens

When unexcited matter (quiescent state) is stimulated into an excited state (active state) by way of "Electrical Stress", a new form of thermal-energy (Ers) release is possible beyond gas combustion stage (gtnt) by the use of WFC Optical Thermal Lens; as so illustrated in (980) of Figure (10-2).


Water Cap (Cp) is, now, transformed into Vacuum Cavity (Vc) where only hydrogen atoms in a fluid medium is exposed to Voltage Zones (ER)

... forming Capacitor Gap (Cv) since the gas medium, so exhibits a dielectric value and amp in-fluxing (prohibiting amp leakage into and away from Capacitor Vacuum-Gap (Cv)) is held to a minimum due to the bifilar wrapped resonant-coils (56/62).

The Energy Pumping Stage (520) of Figure (5-3) as to (500) of Figure (5-1) attenuates the hydrogen energy aperture (7) of (550) of Figure (5-8) when applied Opposite Voltage Potential (Va xxx Vn) (49a xxx 49n) (B+/B-) produces pulsating Electrical Stress Wave-form (opposite electrical attraction force) (RU/RU' - ST/ST'a xxx RU/RU' ST/ST'n) during Pulsing Operations.

The Energy Pumping Stage (520) of Figure (5-3)


(500) of Figure (5-1)


hydrogen energy aperture (7) of (550) of Figure (5-8)




The stimulated Emitted Energy Radiation (Ers) from the hydrogen atoms are, now, amplified (compressed together) when discrete Emitted Energy Radiation Wavelets (Ersa xxx Ersn) from each hydrogen atom is/are reflected back and forth between Reflective End Plates (915/916) before exiting through Partially Transparent End Plate (916)

... emitting Coherent Energy Wave-Form (917), as so illustrated in (980) of Figure (10-2).


The Vacuum Chamber (Cv) containing the hydrogen gas atoms is composed of a high  temperature quartz material (918) while Voltage Zones (ER) becomes Voltage Wave-Guides (770) of Figure (8-1) by the use of chemically inert T304 stainless steel material

... forming Electrical Conductance Zones (Skin Effect) (587)

... allowing unipolar Voltage Pulse-waves (583/602axxx 583/602n) of Figure (8-1A) to travel the linear length of the Voltage Wave-Guide.

The Static Electrical Charging Effect ( -) (585) is set up when applied Electrical Stress Wave-form (RD / RD' - ST / ST') is simultaneously applied on opposite sides of the hydrogen atoms

... propagating "Particle Oscillation" as a "Energy Generator" in a vacuum rather than by chemical interaction (chemical stress) of gas combustion (gtnt).