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Particle Oscillation as a Energy Generator

Flexing the atom as a energy generator is as basic as science itself ... for without the atom having the capability to release energy our universe would not exists as we know it.

Atoms can be "Flexed" in many different ways to release a certain/given type of energy. Physical Stress being subjected to and undergoing Electrical Stress is by far the most dynamic way to cause the atom to go farthest from the point of state of equilibrium without atomic decay.

Electrical Stress brought on by opposite voltage polarity in a electronic circuit is extremely economical since applied voltage fields propagating opposite electrical attraction forces between the bipolar water molecule and the stationary voltage fields are not consumed In an electronic circuit when amp influxing is prohibited.

The Voltage Flexing Process to deflect the water molecule under both physical and electrical stress to emit thermal heat energy from the atom (s) of the water molecule under control state, is, now, to be presented by the utilization of the WFC Steam Resonator technology which incorporates the use of the Voltage Intensifier (VIC) Switchover Circuit to cause "Particle Oscillation" as a "Energy Generator:"

All energy in our physical universe (The third dimension) comes from a singular source ... the atom.

There are four basic forces that make up and effect the atomic structure: electrical force, electromagnetic force, weak and strong nuclear forces, and gravity.

By either attenuating either one or more of these atomic forces, energy can be release from the atom to perform work in a variety of ways: such as, emitting photon, electromagnetic, or even radiant heat energy;

Exposing the water molecule atom (s) to an external electrical attraction force (SS '/RR') separately or combining the external electrical attraction force with an external electrical repelling force (SS'-TT'/RR'-WW') can cause the bipolar electrical charged water molecule atom (s) to release thermal heat energy when physical impact (physical force) is achieved as a result of particle (s) colliding together under electrical stress which becomes and is the physical mover

... causing electron bounce to oscillate the energy aperture of each atom of the water molecule.