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Taper Water Fuel Injectors

Voltage wave-guide (570) allows the activation points (E9a xxx E9n) to transpire since wave-guide (570), now, functions as a Quenching Circuit (370) of Figure (3-40) to prevent gas ignition until the traveling gases (under static pressure) are exited out of and away from exit port (32) of Figure (6- 2)

... producing thermal explosive energy-yield (16), as further illustrated in (70) of Figure (4-5) titled "Voltage Triggering".

Basically, then, activation process (590), now, design - forms Water Fuel Injector (20) of Figure (4-2) as to (30) of Figure (4-11) (Memo WFC 423 DA)

... allowing Water Fuel Injectors (20a xxx 20n) to replace standard Internal Combustion Engine spark-plugs and fossil-fuel injector ports, as graphically illustrated in Figure (140) of Figure (4-12) titled "Furnace Retrofit," (150) of Figure (4-13) titled "Jet Engine retrofit," and (160) of Figure (4-14) titled "Rocket Engines Retrofit."