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Rocket Propulsion

Add-on Resonant Cavities (placed beneath the Hydrogen Gas Gun Assembly) arranged in parallel to vertical Cluster-Array increases the atomic Energy-Yield of the Hydrogen Fracturing Process undergoing thermal gas-ignition, as illustrated in Figure (1-22) as to Figure (1-18).

Figure (1-22)


Figure (1-18)


This Cluster-Assembly or Cluster-form is, hereinafter, called "The water powered rocket engine".

image-1703011912526.pngProlonged-rocket-flights carrying heavier payloads is achieved by liquefying the "specially treated” combustible gas ions (laser primed oxygen gas atoms having missing electrons and laser primed hydrogen gas atoms) under pressure in separate fuel tanks affixed to a Rocket Engine, as illustrated in Figure (1-21).

Rocket thrust is now controlled by the flow rate of the combustible ionized gases entering the combustion chamber of the rocket engine once gas-ignition occurs.