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Voltage Amplitude Switch-Off

Voltage levels of variance (Va xxx Vn) is achieved by simply switching-in or switching-out the member of Secondary Coil-cavities (505a xx 505n) (see 740 of Figure 7-13) in direct relationship to Taper Resonant Voltage surfaces (E9/10) of Figure (6-2) which acts and performs as a "Voltage Amplifier" when Compressional Wave-form (B) of Figure (7-12) is intensified at Exit Port (32) of Figure (6-2).

(see 740 of Figure 7-13)


(E9/10) of Figure (6-2)


Compressional Wave-form (B) of Figure (7-12)


Switching the member of Secondary Coil-Array (505a xxx 505n) maximizes electrical power transfer from Primary Coil (26) to Secondary Coil (52) by keeping Voltage Amplitude of Pulse-train (49a xx 49n - T3 - 49a xxx 49n) constant.