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Water Fuel Injection System - Page 4

WFC injector assembly (10) of Figure (4-1) as to (30) of Figure (4-2) is design variable to be retrofitable by replacing fossil-fuel injector ports affixed to jet engines (see Figure 4-13)

image-1703046505270.png image-1703046416212.png

heating systems (Figure 4-12), rockets engines (Figure 4-14), or even car spark plugs (130) of Figure (4-11)

Figure (4-12)


Figure (4-13)


Figure (4-14)


image-1703046416212.pngwhich simply uses Water Fuel Management (WFMS) System fluid-metering system (40) to control gas ignition (16), as illustrated in (40) of Figure (4-2).

Sequential pulsing of Water Fuel Injector (20/30) of Figure (4-1) as to (40) of Figure (4-2) is system activated by Pulse Gate Valve (190) of Figure (4-1) to further control a predetermined energy-flame (16).

In essence, then, the Water Fuel Injector system (40) simply processes and converts water into a useful hydrogen fuel on demand at the point of gas ignition

... thereby, co-equally or superseding fossil-fuel safety standards






... especially when ionized ambient air gases (400 xxx 46n) and non-combustible gases (45a xxx 45n) are intermixed with water supply (47) prior to entering Water Fuel Injector Plug (20/30), as illustrated in (40) of Figure (4-2) as to (10) of Figure (4-1).