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Atomic Energy Equilibrium

Force Factor (548) (Particle Mass) ~ moving through a Electrostatic Field (544) having a Negative Electrical Charge (546) and exhibiting a Electromagnetic Field (547) opposing Orbital Velocity (549) of moving electron (s) (Ia xxx In) is/are being continually compensated for and overcome when a discrete amount of Universal Energy (9) enters into and interacts with the Energy Spectrum of the atom by way of energy aperture (7)

... allowing and maintaining Stable Energy -State of the atom even if other energy stimuli are not available beyond the physical embodiment of the atom…such as the absent of sunlight (Photon) absorption. See Appendix (B) Note (3).

Appendix B

Note 3): Universal Energy (9) of Figure (5-10) being a continuous energy potential (source) (C2) coming into our space continuum and creating and sustaining/maintaining our expanding universe, as so extrapolated via mass equation E=MC2.

Whereby, Universal Energy (C2) having native intelligence to create mass (M) (to cause electromagnetic wave-vectoring - photon structuring _ electron to proton grouping to form atoms - molecular arrangements to bring-on chemical processes to sustain life) which, in turns, emits radiant energy (E) under different stimuli conditions ...

example, particle oscillation as a energy generator by way of "Electrical Stress".