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Electron Extraction Process

Exposing the displaced and moving combustible gas atoms (exiting waterbath and passing through Gas Resonant Cavity (T), Figure (1-17) as to Figure (1-18) to another or separate pulsating laser energy-source (V) at higher voltage levels (E3/E4) causes more electrons to be "pulled away" or "dislodged" from the gas atoms, as illustrated in Figure (1-15) as to Figure (1-8).

Gas Resonant Cavity (T), Figure (1-17)


Figure (1-18) 


Figure (1-15)


Figure (1-8)


The absorbed Laser Energy "forces" or "deflects" the electrons away from the gas atom nucleus during voltage-pulse Off-Time.

The recurring positive voltage-pulse (k) attracts (qq') the liberated negative electrically charged electrons to positive voltage zone (E3).

While, at the same time, the pulsating negative electrical voltage potential (E4) attracts (qq') the positive electrical charged nucleus.

The Positive Electrical Voltage Field (E3) and Negative Electrical Voltage Fields (E4) are triggered "Simultaneously" during the same duty-pulse.

image-1703011834325.pngElectron Extraction Circuit (BB) of Figure (1-14) removes captures and consumes the "dislodged" electrons (from the gas atoms) to cause the gas atoms to go into and reach "Critical-State", forming highly energized combustible gas atoms having missing electrons.

Resistive values (R4. R6, R7, and dielectric constant of gas (Rg), and isolated electrical ground (W) prevents "electron-flow" or "electron deflection" from occurring within circuit (BB) during pulsing operations (at resonant frequency) and therefore, keeps the gas atoms in critical-state by "NOT" allowing electron replacement to occur or take place between the moving gas atoms.

The "dislodged" negative charged electrons are "destroyed" or "consumed" in the form of "heat" when Amp Consuming Device (S) (such as a light bulb) is positive electrically energized during alternate pulsing operations.

Laser activated or laser primed gas ions repel the "dislodged" electrons being consumed as illustrated in Figure (1-8) as to Figure (1-20).


The Electron Extraction Process (BB) is, hereinafter, called "The Hydrogen Gas Gun" and is placed on top of a Resonant Cavity Assembly, as illustrated in Figure (1-17) as to Figure (1-18).

Resonant Cavity Assembly, as illustrated in Figure (1-17)


Figure (1-18)