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Impurity Extraction Process

image-1703197304479.pngSuspended and dissolved water contaminates (144a xxx 144n) (typically 20 ppm to 40 ppm in natural water) of Figure (3-24) being uniformly released from and superimposed onto remaining water bath (68) during Resonant Action (170) are directed to and passes through water inlet line (145)

... causing liberated, moving, and free-floating micro-sized contaminates (144a xxx 144n) to be deposited inside Electrostatic Filter Assembly (440) and subsequently exposed to opposite electrical voltage fields (148/152), as so illustrated in Figure (3-45).

Negative electrically charged contaminates (157a xxx 157n) migrates to and entrapped by positive electrical voltage post (147); while, simultaneously, positive electrical charged contaminates (158a xxx 158n) are attracted to and entrapped by negative electrical voltage post (151)

... thereby, extracting contaminates (144a xxx 144n) from water bath (68)


... producing purified water bath (156) which is recycled back into Fuel Cell (120) of Figure (3-24) since Resonant Action (170) also function as and performs as a water-pump (Gas rising).

Exposing water contaminates (144a xxx 144n) to applied voltage fields (E1/E2) not only produces electrical charged contaminates (157/158); but, also, kills bacteria that might be present in water bath (68).

Periodically back-flushing (rinsing out) is all that is required to ensure and sustain Electrostatic Filter Process (440).