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Gyroscopic Spiking Effect

The gyroscopic spiking to cause an stable atom (non-radioactive) to start emitting nuclear radiation (becoming radioactive) generally occurs whenever the quiescent atom absorbs a predetermined amount of electromagnetic energy (gamma rays) from another source beyond the “Energy Spectrum” of the atom or whenever the atom excepts a foreign mass entity (s) such as additional and unwanted atomic particle (s) into its nucleus “orbital gyroscopic architecture

... herein, defined as being composed of orbiting spinning mass entities about an central axis and each electrical charged mass entity being displaced in space relationship to each other in a predetermined geometrical form by way of an emanating interlocking “Electrical Bonding Forces”(qq’), as so illustrated in WFC Figure (10-6) as to WFC Figure (5-10).


Once absorbed into the Energy Spectrum of the Atom, the additive Gamma Rays of electromagnetic energy (at an given elevated level of magnitude) causes the orbiting spinning nuclear particles (orbital gyroscopic architecture) to deflect and be moved to another energy level somewhat different in geometrical form as previously arranged

... disrupting the electrical bonding forces (qq’) inside the atom nucleus to cause elliptical pathway of the orbiting nuclear particles away from circular symmetry

... superimposing an oscillatory electrical attraction force (RU-RU’ ~ ST’-ST) (pulsating) onto the nucleus “Energy Aperture” ... resulting in the combined altered and abnormal “Condition of Changes” which is hereinafter referred to as the “Wobbling Effect.”

The overall characteristic of the Wobbling Effect is that of having a reoccurring apogee and perigee nodes of elliptical movement about the centrally positioned Energy Aperture of the nucleus of the atom.