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Gas Injection Process

Injecting and intermixing an Non-Combustible Gas (D) (non-burnable gas) with the 'Burnable Gas-Mixture (B) "changes" or "alters" the gas-mixture "Burn-Rate".

Increasing the volume-amount of Non-Combustible Gas (D) diminishes and/or lowers the "Burn-Rate" of the Gas-Mixture (B/D) still further.

image-1702961644787.54.02.pngProgressive and controlled intermixing of the non-combustible gases (B/D) allowed the "Burn-Rate" of Hydrogen to be "lowered" or "adjusted" to "match" or ... co-equal the "Burn-Rate" of other Fuel-Gases, see curve line in Figure (2-2).

In terms of operational performance, the Non-Burnable gas (D) does "Not" support the Combustion Process since the Non-Burnable Gas (D) "restricts" or "retards" the speed at which the Oxygen Atom unites with Hydrogen Atoms to cause Gas Combustion.




The "Gas Retarding Process" is, of course, applicable to any type or combination of Burnable Gases or Burnable gas-mixture.