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VIC Matrix Circuit

VIC Coil Assembly is specially designed to allow Voltage Potential of "opposite electrical attraction force" of High Voltage Intensity" to "instantly" release Thermal Explosive Energy (gtnt) from natural water.

The Voltage Intensifier Circuit takes advantage of the "Electron Bounce Phenomenon" to trigger Hydrogen Fracturing Process without amp influxing.


Interlinked with VIC Coil Assembly, the Water Fuel Injector acts and performs as a "Voltage Amplifier" by simply altering the Voltage Wave Guide to either form a "compressional" or "Expanded" Voltage Wave Form that increases Electrical Voltage intensity beyond applied excitation voltage outputted from VIC Coil.

The "Mode of Operability" of VIC Coil Assembly is systematically-activated by a programmable signal input, and is performed in the following way:

Section 7