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Spark-Ignition Tube

image-1702961637525.53.54.pngSpark-Ignition Tube (B) is a tubular test apparatus (1/8 diameter) that determines and measures the "Bum-Rate" of different types of Burnable Gases intermixed with Ambient Air, as illustrated in Figure (2-1).

Spark-Ignitor (A) causes and starts the Burnable Gas-Mixture (B) to undergo Gas-Ignition which, in turns, supports and allows Gas Combustion to take place ... forming and sustaining a Gas-Flame.

The expanding and moving Gas-Flame travels (away from spark-ignitor) the linear length of the gas filled tube (C) and is "detected" and "measured" (length between spark-ignitor and light-detector) in one second after gas-ignition. The Gas-Ignition Process, now, establishes the "Burn-Rate" of a Burnable Gas-Mixture in centimeters per second (cm/sec.), as illustrated in Figure (2-2).


Different types of "Burnable" Gas-Mixtures exposed to the Gas-Ignition Process were tested, measured, recorded and systematically arranged as to cm/sec. length, see vertical bar Graph (2-2) again.

The Gas-Ignition Process was performed several times to establish the "average" Burn-Rate of the Fuel-Gases which, in turn, establishes the length of the vertical bars.