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Covalent Switch-Off

Covalent Switch-Off occurs when deflected and elongated Orbital Electron Pathway (541) reaches a point where applied Opposite Electrical Stress (ST-ST'/RU-RU') (A-A’/Z-Z') is sufficient enough to cause the Gyroscopic Action (542) of Nucleus Particles (543a xxx 543n) to be reduced in orbital spin-velocity ...

(210) of Figure (3-27) (Memo WFC 422DA)


(160) of Figure (3-26) (Memo WFC 422DA)


which, when occurring, directly weakens the covalent bonding of the water molecule (q-q') by attenuating the electromagnetic fields of each atom Structure of the water molecule (210) of Figure (3-27) (Memo WFC 422DA) being subjected to and undergoing Electrical Polarization Process (160) of Figure (3-26) (Memo WFC 422DA), as further illustrated in (550) of Figure (5-8).

(550) of Figure (5-8)