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WFC - Resonant Cavity Assembly


     The Water Fuel Cell is a patented process that utilizes an solid-state electronic control system to produce hydrogen gas on demand from water by way of voltage stimulation called "The Electrical Polarization Process", as illustrated in Figure 1 as to Figure 2.


     The Fuel-Cell is composed of Resonant Cavities pre-arranged to maximize Fuel-Energy delivery to the car engine, as illustrated in Figure 2 as to Figure 4.

     The Electronic Control Unit (B) of Figure (7) is electrically and mechanically linked to the Gas-Pedal to form a Gas Acceleration Control Unit (F) that electronically regulates and varies hydrogen gas flow-rate to engine...controlling engine RPM by way of voltage deflection through a patented electronic circuit called a "Voltage Intensifier Circuit".

Hydrogen Storage is "Not" required since hydrogen gas is being produced on demand.








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