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Gas Mixing Regulator

image-1702961652974.54.10.pngInherently, the Water Fuel Cell allows the "Burn-Rate" of Hydrogen to be "Changed" or "adjusted" from 325 cm/sec. to 42 cm/sec.

(Co-equalling Natural Gas Burning levels) since Non-Combustible Gases (such as Nitrogen, Argon, and other non-burnable gases) derived from Ambient Air dissolved in natural water performs the Gas Retarding Process

... sustaining and maintaining an Open-Air Flame beyond 5000-degrees F, as illustrated in Figure (2-3)

Natural water acts and performs as a "Gas-Mixing Regulator" when the Fuel-Cell is electrically energized by way of voltage stimulation (Electrical Polarization Process)

... producing a uniform gas-mixture (B/D) regardless of the Gas Flow-Rate of the Fuel-Cell

... producing a uniform gas-mixture (B/D) only when needed.

In quiescent-state, the supply of gases (BID) being released from the water bath is "terminated" and "stopped" when the Fuel-Cell becomes "de-energized".

The unused water, of course, remains as a non-burnable liquid.

The gases (B/D) above the water bath is "vented" for safety purposes.