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Solar Energy Actuator

Energy Recycling Spectrum (530) is achieved since expelling de-energized water molecule (s) (538a xxx 538n) of Figure (5-7) is/are opto-sensitive to photon energy (537a xxx 537n) in that photon- energy (537) is composed of electromagnetic radiant energy transmitted through the medium of space by way of pulse-oscillations known as "frequency of wavelength" and, is expressed by a quantum of Electromagnetic energy in the following equation

(Eq 31) E = hv



(E) is the energy, (h) is Planck's Constant (energy x time) (6.547 X 10 -27 erg-second), and (v) is the frequency associated with the photon. The momentum of the photon in the direction of propagation transversing the medium of space is, thus, expressed by the following equation

(Eq 32) hv /c



(c) is the quantum of electromagnetic energy carried in a small amount and moving with the speed of light, as so illustrated in Figure (5-11).

Optical Photon having energies corresponding to wavelengths between 120 and 1800 nanometers ... thus, propagating sun's light or its direct rays (539a xxx 539n) of Figure (5-6).

Figure (5-6)


Exposing the expelling de-energized water droplets (531) of Figure (5-6) to incoming sun's light (534) of Figure (5-7), now, causes Photon Absorption Process (537) to deflect the orbital electron (s) to a higher energy-state (538) away from the atom nucleus as so illustrated in (520) of Figure (5-3) as to (540) of Figure (5-7) once the atom nucleus absorbs the inflowing photon energy (537).

(534 & 540) of Figure (5-7)


(520) of Figure (5-3)



The deflected electron (s), in turn, applies an increase/greater electrical-stress (A' A) onto the gyroscopic spin-velocity of the nucleus particles (570) of Figure (5-10) as to (550) of Figure (5-8) ... causing Energy Aperture (7) of Figure (5-10) to oscillate as a "Energy Generator" ... releasing Universal Energy (9) of Figure (5-10) into the atom nucleus· ... allowing Atomic Energy Level Adjustment (540) of Figure (5-7) to take place, as illustrated in (970) of Figure (5-12) ... re-energizing the water molecule for hydrogen reuse, as illustrated in (530) of Figure (5-6).

(570, 7, 9) of Figure (5-10)


(550) of Figure (5-8)


(970) of Figure (5-12) 


(540) of Figure (5-7)



(530) of Figure (5-6)