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Triggering Process

As water mist (68a xxx 68n) is injected and metered into Resonant Cavity (180) of Figure (5-5) (Water Fuel Injector) under pressure, applied Resonant Pulse Voltage (46) performs several functions sequentially in a instant of time:

image-1702519375512.png...converts water mist (68) into it's component gases hydrogen (77 a/b) oxygen (76) and ambient air gases (97);

...momentarily ionizes the liberated gases by way of electron ejection (230) , and thermally ignites ionized combustible gas-mixture under "Electrostatic Pressure" that directly attenuates Energy Apertures (7a xxx 7n) (520) .... releasing thermal explosive energy (gtnt) beyond normal gas burning levels on demand, as illustrated in Figure (5-5).


Once a quantum amount of thermal explosive energy (gtnta xxx gtntn) is released then the combustible gases return to stable state by forming de-energized water mist (531) as shown in (530) of Figure (5-6).