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Steam Resonator

To further ensure proper Fuel Cell optional performance during frigid or below freezing weather conditions, Steam Resonator assembly (450) of Figure (3-46) is inserted into Fuel Cell (120) of Figure (3-24) and thermostatically activated via Voltage Intensifier Circuit (165) which directly applies an alternate or opposite (166/167) electrical voltage pulses (during amp restriction) in a sequential manner across voltage plates E5/E6.

Once positive energized, water molecule (210) of water bath (68) is deflected toward voltage surface (E5) via both opposite electrical attraction force (162) and electrical repelling force (161).

Figure (3-46)image-1703205381925.png Figure (3-24)image-1703197217269.png

By simply reversing to a negative voltage pulse (167), now, causes water molecule (210) to be deflected in the opposite direction toward voltage surface (E6)

... producing kinetic energy (165) (particle impact) which, in turns, heats water bath (68).

Repetitive formation of opposite voltage pulses (166/167) at a given pulse-frequency continues to heat water bath (68) until a desired temperature is reached.